This Is Truly The Lowest Calorie Peanut Butter

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You know I pride myself on innovation and my credibility is ALWAYS on the line with every formula I release and statement I make.
So when I tell you Professor Nutz is the world’s lowest calorie peanut butter, I’m laying it all on the line.
Trust me, for the reasons outlined here, it truly is the World’s Smartest Nut Butter.
Let’s bullet point the benefits:
  • Zero Carbohydrates per serving
  • Zero Fat per serving
  • 28 kcals solely from Protein
  • Amazing creamy taste and texture
  • RealSalt for athletes
  • Double Runner Roasted Peanuts (highest protein quantity per gram + healthy)
  • Aflatoxin-free
Find me another nut butter on the market containing all these benefits along with revolutionary, plant-based Fat Blockers and Carb Inhibiting Technology, and I’ll quit!
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- Joe Binley.