What is Digestibility Corrected?





Reduce Caloric Yield



Lower digestibility of a macro nutrient may produce lower caloric yields.


Professor Nutz has been Digestibly Corrected* to zero carbs* and zero fat*
using the known binding ratio's of our key ingredients. 

For example, see the science of our ProfessorNutz™ corn fiber.

The defining trend of the healthy food industry
now perfected with Professor Nutz. 

The CFR gives an example of the term “digestibility-corrected*” which is a term adopted by the FDA in 1993. The CFR example shows that certain proteins are not absorbed by all persons at the same rate or value. Baby formulas were given as an example. It has mostly been used to identify the digestive quality of different proteins, but can be applied to all nutrients, as applicable. According to the CFR we are regulated to inform the consumer that our nut butter may not be digested* at the same “nutritional” values as posted in the Nutrition Facts label. Our product labels will have BOTH the nutrition information and a Digestive Facts* label on each of our labels.

The adoption of the ‘digestibility-correction*’ (DC) concept isn’t new, it was adopted back in 1993 and listed in the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). It is a principle recognized and approved by the FDA and USDA.

It is a verifiable absolute fact that there are certain molecule structures that may inhibit* and block carbohydrates & fats from being digested*.

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*Digestibility Corrected represents the amount of macronutrients present in Professor Nutz™ that are physically digestible by the body. Regarding Digestibility Corrected Values, the digestion of macronutrients can vary per individual.