Professor Nutz - Fun Size

Professor Nutz - Fun Size

#PeanutBetter | Peanut Butter ReImagined

The World’s lowest calorie Peanut Butter

7g Protein Per Ounce | 30 Essential Vitamins & Minerals | Only 1 Gram Sugar

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ProfessorNutz™ NUT BUTTER ‘Professor Nutz™’:

Every once in a while, a breakthrough in the sports nutrition industry sends shockwaves throughout gyms across the continent. Today, we’re proud to announce one of those days.

Innovation is in our blood, and it’s the cornerstone of our business model, even taking precedence before profits. That’s the passion that defines consistently great products, and ProfessorNutz™ Nut Butter ‘Professor Nutz™’ is no exception to this rule.

Because of the principles our brand lives by, we’re ecstatic to announce that ProfessorNutz™ Nut Butter ‘Professor Nutz™’ represents a staggering scientific innovation set to revolutionise the way athletes approach fat loss, muscle building and their overall nutrition forever.

A note before we delve into the science behind what makes a seemingly ordinary product category so unique: this wasn’t easy to bring to market. We were warned throughout that this product could not succeed, that we were too enthusiastic in our claims. Our response has always been transparent: when you innovate, you earn the right to brag, especially when you know you’ve created a formula for the right reasons with the consumers interests at heart.

So get ready to discover a nut butter like you’ve never heard of before. On this march towards relentless innovation, we’re guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers, but we couldn’t care less. Ultimately, the consumer is going to benefit from our latest creation, and that’s what is important to us above all.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present to you our latest innovation on the world and your nutritional regime: ProfessorNutz™ Nut Butter - Professor Nutz™ “The World’s Smartest Nut Butter”.

A 0 kcal Fat, 9 kcal Carbohydrate Nut Butter Formula Shrouded in Goodness

ProfessorNutz™ ‘Professor Nutz™’ Nut Butter is the world’s first 0 kcal fat, 0 kcal carbohydrate nut butter formula.

If that sentence sounded absurd or shocking, then read it again before we proceed: ProfessorNutz™ Nut Butter ‘Professor Nutz™’ is the world’s first 0 kcal fat, 0 kcal carbohydrate nut butter formula!

We mentioned previously that scientific breakthroughs are irresistible to us and we can’t help but pursue them. This is how we created “The World’s Smartest Peanut Butter”.