In the North of England,
a small lad lived on a farm.

The air was pure.
​The ground was fertile.
the soil gave life.

He cared for the animals
He tended the crops
He watched over the land


…and he never forgot…
The taste of real food.

The goodness of the earth … making real food with the work of his hands.

real food. made better

Professor Nutz is dedicated to making real food even better.

After creating the most respected brand in the sports nutrition industry, Project AD, founder and CEO, Joe Binley, wanted to return to his roots growing up on a farm in England.

As a child his days were spent in the fields of his family farm. He worked long days, caring for animals and tending crops. A deep love for foods that are raw and made from the earth was instilled early on.

Professor Nutz merges craftsmanship for food with modern science. We make pure and real food even better.

Making food magical and fun again, without the weight gain and poor health, is the mission of Professor Nutz.

It's Peanut better.