• Question: Are there any references and studies to back up the science behind ProfessorNutz?

    Answer: Absolutely, please refer to our sections on ingredients, technology and specifically Cyclodextrins, as well as scientific studies and references here.

  • Question: Can you eat unlimited amounts of ProfessorNutz™ Nut Butter without adding fat?

    Answer: While you really shouldn't eat an unlimted amount of any macro nutritient or food, you should still be able to consume a substantial amount of ProfessorNutz peanut butter. The formula still contains calories from the protein, so theoretically, you should count them towards your daily macronutrient intake as well. Digestibility Corrected represents the amount of macronutrients present in Professor Nutz™ that are physically digestible by the body. Regarding Digestibility Corrected Values, the digestion of macronutrients can vary per individual.

  • Question: Are there any unwanted side-effects from the fat & carb blockers associated with common carb/fat inhibitors inhibitors?

    Answer: We use only 100% natural, plant-based alternative to these drugs that isn’t synthetic and still allows the food to pass through the digestive tract safely. So no, there isn’t the same side-effects associated with these drugs.

  • Question: Who can benefit the most from consuming ProfessorNutz™ Nut Butter?

    Answer: Any person with a nut butter addiction! Alternatively, people looking to improve their fat loss results and reduce cravings may seriously benefit from still snacking on a delicious nut butter that eliminates their sweet tooth/cravings, while simultaneously being good for their overall health and adherence to the diet in the long-term.

  • Question: Does Professor Nutz need to be refrigerated after opening?

    Answer: Great question! No Professor Nutz peanut butter does not need to be refrigerated, although if you like it chilled/cold then you can do. Please do store ProfessorNutz in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight for best condition.

  • Question: If you are allergic to peanuts, can you eat Professor Nutz?

    Answer: No, Professor Nutz is made with 100% natural double runner peanuts, and if you have a peanut allergy, you cannot consume Professor Nutz.

  • Question: Do you ship outside of the USA?

    Answer: At this time, we ship to the USA, Canada and surrounding territories. For international distribution we are working closely with a number of distribution partners so please do get in touch with us via our Contact Page for information.

  • Question: Through what mechanisms does this work to become zero fat and zero carb?

    Answer: The simple answer is that the 100% natural plant extracts we have isolated prevents the dietary fats and dietary carbohydrates from being digestible*, thus passing through the body fully intact, without any GastroIntestinal (GI) distress. You can learn more in detail about the science here.

  • Question: What does the term digestibility corrected* actually mean?

    Answer: The term 'digestibility corrected*' means that the macro nutrients do enter the body, however, they are not fully digested by the body; the fats and carbohydrates become encapsulated so it doesn't process with the lipase or amylase enzyme, causing the macronutrients to pass through the body undigested* rendering the energy fully intact and the calories not counted. So the term digestibility corrected* refers to the overall values of macronutrients and calories after the product has passed through the body, blocked by the carb and fat blocking* technology.

  • Question: Is this product vegan friendly?

    Answer: Professor Nutz does not contain animal products or by-products, and it is not tested on animals and is therefore theoretically suitable for vegans. However, due to the product being handled and manufactured in a facility that also handles dairy products we cannot make the claim of vegan on the product label.

  • Question: Will the fat blocking agent block other fats included in your meal?

    Answer: No, simply because the ratio of fat blocking agent* is specifically dosed to cover the fat content of the peanut butter in each serving of Professor Nutz. If you were to add more dietary fats to the serving, there wouldn't be enough of the fat blocking agent* to cover the additional fats ingested.

  • Question: Does heating the peanut butter change the fat blocking or carb blocking agent when baking/cooking with Professor Nutz?

    Answer: You are absolutely fine to put ProfessorNutz in any of your baked goods - heat does not negatively effect either of the fat or carb blocking agents, so you can relax and enjoy using The Worlds Smartest Nut Butter as a peanut butter replacement in any of your favourite recipes enjoying the reduced calorie effect.

  • Question: What’s the shelf life?

    Answer: Professor Nutz has a shelf life of around 2 years when unopened, and should be consumed within 3 months after opening.

  • Question: Can you use ProfessorNutz while pregnant?

    Answer: The general consensus with peanut butter is that eating nuts and peanut butter during pregnancy may in fact promote immune tolerance in your child and help protect him from nut allergies. ... So as long as you're not allergic to peanuts, feel free to enjoy some peanut butter during your pregnancy.

  • Question: Can diabetics or insulin users eat Professor Nutz without it affecting blood sugar level?

    Answer: Theoretically no there should be no effect. However, digestion of macronutrients can vary per individual. Since everyone does digest food differently, amount and rate, we would suggest testing your blood sugar with small amounts of Professor Nutz before consuming an entire serving size.

  • Question: Is this peanut butter dog friendly?

    Answer: In theory & generally speaking, any peanut butter that doesn't contain xylitol (or chocolate) should be fine for a dog and shouldn't cause them any harm if ingested. Xylitol and chocolate are both toxic to dogs. Peanut Butter can be a good source of protein and healthy fat for your dog — in moderation, of course. However, we would suggest that most dogs do not need to reduce their caloric intake or block fats/carbs in their diet, and so there is unlikely to be a situation when one would prescribe ProfessorNutz to their pet dog.