How Does Digestibility Corrected Work?

Did you know that ANY nutritional label that has Fiber is calculated wrongly in terms of total calories?
It’s not just me saying this - the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) also acknowledges this.
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No Fat but The Best Taste and Texture You've Ever Experienced

When I announced this project to my closest trustees in the industry, even they thought I had gone crazy.
Alas, just like before, they didn’t realise the magic trick (or science trick?) I had up my sleeve with Professor Nutz!
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Zero Carbohydrates and Here's Why

In the past, carbohydrate blocking drugs have been used to some effect when managing insulin and diabetes, but it’s hardly been plain sailing, to say the least.

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Double Roasted for Maximum Flavor

Thought almonds and walnuts are the healthiest forms of peanuts? Guess again!
In fact, they aren’t even the highest in protein content.
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28 kcal and 100% Natural

The problem with pharmaceutical-based fat and carb blocking drugs is that they can leave you constipated, nauseous and feeling fatigued.
With Professor Nutz, it’s the exact opposite.
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The Pups Want Peanut Butter Too! | ProfessorNutz™ - The Worlds Smartest Peanut Butter™

Yesterday we saw that Professor Nutz is kid the pups want in on the product review action

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