The Heart Behind Professor Nutz

The reason you can trust this brand and feel good about representing @projectadofficial and #ProfessorNutz all because of this man right here!
He puts his heart and soul in everything he creates, and the relationships he builds.

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Update on Steph’s Peanut Butter Challenge / ProfessorNutz™ - The Worlds Smartest Peanut Butter™

Full Video Launches 5th November!

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Share Your Peanut Butter Recipes

To celebrate the taste bud sensation that is Professor Nutz, we want YOU to share your favourite peanut butter recipes with us here!

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This Is Truly The Lowest Calorie Peanut Butter

You know I pride myself on innovation and my credibility is ALWAYS on the line with every formula I release and statement I make.
So when I tell you Professor Nutz is the world’s lowest calorie peanut butter, I’m laying it all on the line.
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It's all about the taste

Do you want to know why we call Professor Nutz the World’s Smartest Nut Butter™?
It’s not just due to its calorie blocking capabilities (which are insanely amazing, however).
It’s also due to Lecithin.
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We're Talking REAL Salt

There is regular salt, and then there is REAL SALT®.
The salt usually sat at your dinner table gets linked to cardiovascular disease, excessive sodium intake and tons of other nasty ailments.
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