Kids Love It | ProfessorNutz™ - The Worlds Smartest Peanut Butter™

Enjoy your favorite healthy snacks with your family! Professor Nutz is The World’s Smartest Peanut Butter. With just 28 calories per serving it’s all natural and delicious! Get yours today

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The REAL Science Behind ProfessorNutz by Alex Kikel

The REAL science behind the carbohydrate and fat blockers used within ProfessorNutz™'s ProfessorNutz - Modified Cyclodextrins Derived From Corn! I wanted to make sure this made sense to everyone so I broke it down into three main parts: the science portion, the application portion, and the common sense portion.

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YES! Zero Carb, Zero Fat Peanut Butter...

ProfessorNutz CEO Joe Binley speaks about the science behind the ingredients that renders ProfessorNutz zero fat & zero carb through digestibility correction.

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IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone Unboxing ProfessorNutz

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Dominick Cardone Jr. receives his first pack of ProfessorNutz to enjoy!

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How Did Steph Lose 2lbs in 10 Days Eating This Much Peanut Butter??!

10 jars of peanut butter in 10 days -

The ProfessorNutz™ challenge ...
watch the full documentary:

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Get all the info NOW!

Every once in a while, a breakthrough in the food industry changes everything we thought we knew about nutrition and leaves us shell-shocked.

With stifling regulation, over-parenting from the FDA and a genuine lack of desire to innovate, these moments have become increasingly rare in our industry.

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